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Arrow (W20-8)

Justification:  The Arrow sign shall be authorized for use to channelize traffic at locations where the lateral displacement of vehicular traffic is required, such as temporary road endings and within construction or maintenance areas.
Placement:  When this sign is used on a transition, the arrow shall point upward at a 45o angle.

Temporary Roadway Ahead

Temporary Roadway (W20-9)

Justification:  The Temporary Roadway sign shall be authorized for use when a temporary roadway around the construction site has been provided.
Overlay panels may be used to indicate the distance.  Details of alternate distances are provided in 23.611 of this Title (relating to distance panels).  In lieu of exact distances the legend "ahead" may be used as a final alternative.

Work Area Ahead

Work Area Ahead (W21-7)

The Work Area Ahead sign shall be authorized for use in advance of obstructions or restrictions that a motorist may encounter at construction, maintenance, or utility work areas.  The 48-inches by 48-inches size may indicate the actual distance in lieu of the legend "AHEAD."

Bridge Inspection Ahead

Bridge Inspection Ahead (W21-11)

Justification:  The Bridge Inspection Ahead sign will be authorized for use in advance of a bridge where bridge inspectors are either inspecting the bridge roadway or an overhead structure or where it is necessary to park a bridge inspection vehicle on the roadway.
Placement:  When used, the W21-11 sign should be placed at the location where the Work Area Ahead sign W21-7, is normally stipulated in Chapter 203 (relating to traffic control in construction areas).

In a change from the standard "Give Them a Brake" construction zone safety campaign, PennDOT began using the "Slow Down, My [parental unit] Works Here" signs to tug at the heart strings of drivers and make them slow down in the early 2000s.

Slow Down My Daddy Works Here Slow Down My Mommy Works Here

Another sign that you might find at long-term construction project sites are the web site information signs.  These tell the motoring public the website address of the project that they are about to enter, so they can keep informed of the progress of the work and any traffic problems that might be created.  Here are a few that have been and are used along a few highways in western Pennsylvania:

I-70 Smithton High Level Bridge rehabilitation US 22 widening in Westmoreland County
US 30 reconstruction in Westmoreland County

In December 2002, PennDOT Act 229 was signed into law to toughen work zone laws in the Commonwealth.  The first part of the act went into effect on February 21, 2003, when motorists approaching a work zone that had the left sign preceding the construction area, were required to turn on their headlights.  Failure to do so could result in a $25 fine, but only for those pulled over for a primary moving violation.  June 23, 2003 was the day the rest of the law went into effect, and calls for a 15-day driver's license suspension for motorists who are caught speeding 11 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit in a work zone.  There will be zero tolerance for speeding in an active work zone, and motorists can now be cited for even going one mile over the posted limit.  Active work zones are ones in which workers are present.  A flashing light mounted on the middle sign will identify these areas.  At the end of the zone, the right sign will be posted.  Highway contractors are now required to install speed-monitoring signs on all Interstate work zones with a project cost of $300,000 or more.

Work Zone Safety Law

Work Zone Turn on Headlights
Active Work Zone When Flashing
End Active Work Zone Your Speed Is

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