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Representation of an Exit 28 guide sign that was on Interstate 83 This design was utilized on all the guide signs.  The only signs that used shields were if the exit was to an interstate highway. Some of these type can still be seen along I-79, I-80, PA 28, PA 60, and US 422.

Representation of an Exit 7A guide sign seen on Interstate 279 This was the exit only design prior to the change to the modern guide sign design.  Note how the shields are outlined, which began to be used in the 1980s.  Before that, only Interstate shields were put on guide signs with other routes listed as "US" and "PA."  This sign could be seen at what is now I-376's Exit 69B until its replacement in 2001.

The newer signs, as regulated by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, are seen more now.  PennDOT has been replacing the signs when construction is completed.  Below are some of the more unusual expressway signs seen in Pennsylvania.


Representation of the Exit 1 guide sign on PA 60 This design could be seen on PA 60 from then Exit 1 to Exit 8.  What is also more unusual is that the lighting for the signs is from the top instead of the bottom.  The only highways that have their exits numbered are US 6 (Governor Robert P. Casey Highway), PA 28, PA 29 (South Cross Valley Expressway), PA 60, PA 309 (Crossvalley Expressway), PA 378, and PA 581.

Representation of Exit 7 guide sign on the Pennsylvania Turnpike This design is used on the mainline Turnpike only.  It lists the name of the interchange and then the usual interchange information. The old signs were designed like the pre-1980s ones.  However, the Turnpike did not replace their signage until the early 1990s.  The New Stanton exit signs were not replaced until 2000.

Representation of an HOV exit guide sign on Interstate 279 This design is used on the I-279 HOV lanes.  Since the lanes are so close to the mainline, PennDOT chose to designate the exits with the HOV symbol.  Some of the signs use just the symbol in the corner, some say "Exit(s)," and some say "Restricted Lane Exit."

Representation of a Port Authority of Allegheny County busway guide sign The Port Authority of Allegheny County operates three busways aside from the HOV lane on I-279 and I-579.  These rust colored guide signs can be seen at the entrances.

Orange Detour Red Detour Blue Detour Black Detour Green Detour Emergency detour signs guide motorists off the expressway and back to the nearest available expressway entrance.  They are used only during those occasions when the expressway must be closed due to accidents, flooding, or other emergency conditions.  The signs to the left represent some of the color-coded routes.

Emergency Cellular Turnpike Emergency Cellular SmarTraveler Cellular Emergency cellular telephone signs inform motorists of the telephone number which will connect them with area emergency services.  The sign with *11 are used along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and signs with *12 used to be posted along expressways in the Pittsburgh area.  The third sign appears on Philadelphia area expressways to advise travelers the number to use to call SmarTraveler for traffic conditions.